TOMD – Max Rebo

dsc_0017Max Rebo is yet another fine example of how I love the background characters of the Star Wars movies. Max Rebo is one of the fine musicians that entertain Jabba in his palace.

How can you not love a neon blue elephant who plays the keyboards.

I have many versions of Max (including a photo signed by the puppeter.), but the one that gets a place on my desk is the bean bag version that they released in the height of all the beanie babie craze.

2 thoughts on “TOMD – Max Rebo

  1. Yup They did a whole series of them. I have this one and the Jawa.

    There was supposed to be a Wampa as well but the toys where canceled before that one came out.

    I guess most Star Wars collectors just were not into Beanie Babies


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