Moving the Office…

It had to happen eventually. We are finally moving the office desk out of the living room and making it back into a living room and nothing else. So that means our office space needs a new home. So what are we to do???

Why, get rid of the dinning are off of the kitchen. We barely ever use it, and we both need more space for our work. So it is off to work that I go.

For my desk, I have deceided to convert a table into a workstation. Taking a simple snap together shelf system from Target I created a Hutch for the back of the desk. which then became the home for all my computer stuff and various nick-nacks.

dsc_0217I still have a lot of moving of stuff and getting settled in, but I already love it. I have much more room to work with now. Both at the desk and the counter space behind the desk. That is going to be very helpful with some of the projects I have coming up.

Of course, sadly I will not have as much room for nick-nacks in my new setup. A select few are going to be allowed to stay on the desk, but most of them are going down to the dungeon that is my studio space… so TOYS ON MY DESK might have to become TOYS IN MY STUDIO…

A binfull of items already sentenced to a life in the Dungeon…dsc_0218

4 thoughts on “Moving the Office…

  1. This looks great so far, and if you are drawing here the light will be so much better! You need a living room with 2 little ones anyway 🙂 Are you going to have a wife station in the living room too?


  2. opps, meant a wife station in the dining room and I hit the submit key too fast. Hey- I took my test today and found out I suck royally at algebra, but I am an ace at reading and english 🙂


  3. Hmmm you try to tell me you are an ace at English after having to correct yourself… 😉

    Yes, If you look on the left side of the picture you can see a little of her area with the sewing machine.


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