Comic – Michael Jantze’s Knocked Out Loaded Crowdfunding.


I don’t do crowd funding that often. I have had mostly bad experiences with them.

Projects that are ready to go into production suddenly taking a year to wrap up…

Projects that underestimate shipping so the skimp and mail poorly so product arrives damaged…

and other assorted issues.

Needless to say, I find myself hesitant to trust the people running them at this point.

If I do back one, it is because I have complete faith in the people running it.

Such is the case with Michael Jantze’s Knocked out Loaded.

The Norm was and is still even in its absence my favorite comic strip and Mr. Jantze is one of the nicest and most professional people in the industry that I have ever met.

I will be supporting this Campaign and looking forward to receiving my hard copy to see on the shelf next to all of my other Norm books!


DSC_3345A number of years ago I tabled at my first comic convention. At that convention was also a man by the name of Michael Jantze.

I was a major fan of Mr. Jantze’s comic The Norm and was very excited when I saw him there. At the convention he was taking pre-orders for his book The Norm in Color.

I of course wanted a copy so I took one of the pre-order forms and asked if he had a pen I could use to fill it out. Mr. Jantze handed me his 08 Micron pen and I proceded to place my order.

That night at home I realized that I had walked away with his pen. I thought that was pretty cool, but my wife, being a far more honest and noble person then I, asked “But what if that was his

all time favorite LUCKY pen? What if it had special meaning to him?”.

So I emailed him to see if it was special to him.

Turned out to him it was just a Micron 08 pen. Who would have though?

To me thought, it is something special… It is the pen I got from one my top five creators.

I ended up being uber-fanboyish and framed to hang above my work area…

That was my encounter with Michael Jantze.


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