31 Days of GI JOE – Breaker

tumblr_ms3m4uS3UI1qe4yako1_5001 Drawing for each day. I am going to start by doing one for each letter of the alphabet… Then an additional five of my personal favorite joes…

I really wanted to do a Joe or Cobra for every letter of the Alphabet. Turns out though that there has never been a character on either side with a name starting with Y! So instead today I give you one of the very first Joe figures I had when I was a kid…

Day 25 is Breaker

Filecard Information

File Name: Kibbey, Alvin R.
SN: RA757793518
Grade: E-4
Birthplace: Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Primary Specialty: Infantry

Breaker is familiar with all NATO and Warsaw Pact communication gear as well as most world export devices. Specialized Education: Signal School; Covert Electronics; Project Gamma. Qualified Expert: M-16; M-1011A1; MAC-10 (Ingram). (CLASSIFIED: Speaks Seven Languages).

“He’s efficient and self-assured and has an uncanny ability to turn adverse situations to his favor.”


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