31 Days of GI JOE – Ship Wreck

gi_joe_cobra_shipwreck_by_crpechonick-d3gp3pw1 Drawing for each day. Now with the Alphabet all wrapped up, it is time for some Joes that I just wanted to draw…

Day 28 is Ship Wreck

Filecard Information

File Name: Delgado, Hector X.
SN: 924-92-5456
Grade: CPO
Birthplace: Chula Vista, CA
Primary Specialty: Gunners Mate
Secondary Specialty: Machinist

Shipwreck grew up in the shadow of the Navy, specifically the shadow of the sprawling San Diego Navy Yards. He enlisted at the youngest possible age with his parents’ permission and proceeded to serve with distinction in the Mekong Delta where hand to hand fighting with river pirates, smugglers and insurgents was the order of the day. Put in time at “Gitmo” and Yokosuka and was on hand at certain carrier-initiated operations in the Middle East.

Graduated Naval Gunnery School Great Lakes. Qualified expert: M-16, M-14, Browning .50 cal, 20mm Oerliken AA gun, M1911A1.

“Shipwreck is your quintessential sailor. He can splice a line, fry powdered eggs in the tooth of a gale and eat them, tell taller tales than a Senate Appropriations committee and take a three day liberty in Thule Greenland and come back smiling.”



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