Stay of Execution

So a couple weeks back I posted about shutting the site down.

my site we coming due for hosting and domain registration fees and I looked at the cost and came to the conclusion that with the new baby coming that maybe I could best use the money that would be spent on those elsewhere…

I was not looking for a handout, I posted mainly to post a link to the new free blog I had set up over at the WordPress site.

I had the funds and could have made the choice to renew… I just chose not to, it seemed like the responsible (read: “GROWN-UP”) thing to do.

Friday I received a letter in the mail, no return address, no letter, just a little note and the funds to pay for another year of hosting and domain at godaddy.

From the postmark I know it was someone local to MN since the stamp had a St. Cloud cancellation on it…

That is all I know.

So to who ever sent the funds, Thank you. I renewed the site for another year.

I hope you enjoy what I post, and I will try to get back to a regular schedule for you!

And now… A little art to round out the post… My Daughter Red’s new Character, Cat Detective.



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