Everything Ends – Podcasts – The Phenomenon


Recently I stumbled upon a Audio Drama podcast called The Phenomenon produced by Luciola Creative I listened to the first episode because I thought the description sounded a little interesting. By the end of the work day I had downloaded and listened to the entire back catalog of episodes. While binge listening to the podcast I found out that it was based on a book by R.K. Katic which I instantly went out purchased and read in no time at all.

I loved the story. I wont go to deep into it as to not give away any spoilers except to say that I thought it was a cool spin on your typical end of the world tale. Having access to the book there was the fear that if I read the story it would make me lose interest in the podcast… In reality the oppisite happened. Now I am even more excited about each episode of the story and can not wait to see how they plan to adapt all sorts of different upcoming parts.

The cast is wonderful, and the production very well done. I look forward to following the podcast to the end of the story, and hope to see a continuation of the tale in another book.


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