Raiders of the Lost Ark

39 Years ago today a little movie opened at the local theater.


They were really proud of themselves (I know this because they were family friends), they usually did not get the big summer releases until they had been out a couple weeks at the minimum!

It had Han Solo in it, so I automatically wanted to see it… At the same time though, I had been really let down by how lame Luke Skywalker was in Corvette Summer, So I was waiting to be disappointed.
From the second the Logo faded away to the background and the music kicked in I was hooked. John Williams’s music always helps to tell you that yes, this movie is going to rock!


Harrison Ford did not disappoint me. I loved the movie from start to finish. The Nazi’s getting what they had coming to them in that grand final scene was pure joy to ten-year-old me.


The great thing about being friends with Theater owners was that if the theater didn’t sell out for matinees in the summer we were allowed to come in and watch the shows and enjoy the air conditioning as much as we wanted in the summer! I must have watched Raiders of the Lost Ark easily 40+ times that summer! Think I might take some time today and watch the movie with my kids!


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