About The Last Hometown.


To The Last Hometown.

The Last Hometown podcast is your one stop location for all your end of the world needs.

We cover Disasters, pandemics, the apocalypse and all other forms of global destruction and unrest in popular media.

Board and Video Games, Books and Comics, Movies and Television Shows, and even sometimes touch on the events in the real world…

So drop your go bag and grab a seat and enjoy the End of the World!


The Last Hometown is the internet home of me.

The Last Hometown is a Podcast about our obsession w/the end of the world in Mass Media. Video Games,Movies,Books,Comics… everywhere we look it is the end!

The Last Hometown is also a soon to be released Web-comic Anthology, telling multiple stories of the end all set in the same universe… even if it does not always seem like it.