2014 : New Year Goals…

Going to set some goals to forget about two weeks into the New Year…

1. Wrap up the six posts that I have sitting in the draft folder by the 10th of January.

2. Start writing here on a regualr basis… A least three times a week, at least one of one being my Godzilla project…

3. Lose at least 25 pounds before Blue (We are having a baby boy on April 21st…) is born.

4. Draw every day this year. Post the Drawings every Sunday night.

5. Finish up the Adventures of Red and Gold drawings  before April 21st.

6. Start the Adventures of Red, Gold and Blue in May.

7. Take part in the Empty Shelf Challenge. (Details to come tomorrow!)

8. Clean out basement and Garage, create new Bedroom in the Basement.

9. Take one of my comic ideas to completion.


Lets see how I do…



So turns out we are having another kid…

I told my wife if it is a girl this time I want to name it Strike Three…

I have been sleeping on the couch since then 😉

based on the cover to Avengers 221, Original art by Ed Hannigan & Brett Breeding
based on the cover to Avengers 221, Original art by Ed Hannigan &
Brett Breeding

Six Years Ago Today…

wedSix years ago today, the weather was in 90+ fairenheit degrees… Outside.

Inside the unairconditioned little steepled church that we were to be married in it was a lot hotter.

Six years latter we have a four year old and a little one coming up on one month, and it all seems like it was yesterday.

As the saying goes, Time flies by when you are having fun.

Well, Thank you for the five funnest… greatest… happiest years of my life MAMADUCK!

Happy Aniversary!

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

donald_duckDonald Duck.

I love Donald Duck. I have never been a very big Mickey Mouse fan, in fact I would almost say I hate Mickey Mouse, but I love Donald Duck.

Donald Duck was the everyman. A little hot-headed, always having things go wrong… struggling to make it through the day. That is why I loved Donald Duck. Even when I was younger I found it much easier to like a character with real personality and faults.

Donald by Don Rosa
Donald by Don Rosa

75 years ago today a Disney short was released by the name of The Wise Little Hen. This short marked the first appearance of Donald Duck. Donald would have a long career at Disney, and would at times surpass Disney’s Mickey Mouse in popularity. Donald, according to the Disney Comics Worldwide site, has appeared in over 150 cartoons. That is a pretty impressive number in my opinion.

These days Donald and his family live on in comics. Living off of a rich and well built family and history created for him by the great Duck artist Carl Barks in the town of Duckburg and kept going by the equally as great Don Rosa and others.

In the United States Donald is not as popular as he once was, but in Eurpoe he continues to thrive. Each year Tons of new comics are released and the Duck’s adventures continue. While here his fate is up in the air for the time being. With financial problems sending Gemstone publishing the way of the DODO the future of Disney comics is up in the air… With a little luck another company with enough love and respect for the characters will pick up the liscence and do right by them.