Space 1999

Today, September 13 2013 marks the 14th Anniversary of the day back in 1999 when Nuclear Waste stored on the far side of the moon exploded in a catastrophic accident. The resulting explosion sending the moon and all 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, hurtling uncontrollably into space.

Or so it was in the Classic Gerry Anderson ITV series Space 1999.

One of my favorite shows from childhood.

Turns out you can watch the show on YouTube…

Here is the Pilot episode showing that horrible day back in 1999.


I wont be getting around to posting my new X-Men drawing today… Mainly because I am sick and dont feel up to fighting around with getting a copy of if formated to be posted…

Being sick I have been watching episodes of Inspector Lewis all day (when not sleeping). This is one of those British Mystery shows that has been featured on the PBS show Masterpiece Mystery. I really love that show… But I do so miss the original opening.


The art for the opening was created by Edward Gorey. I count Gorey as one of the largest influences on me artistically. I was lucky enough to get a signed print of one of his pieces shortly before his passing. Pretty sure I could not afford to buy one now.

Movie/TV – Recycling: Star Wars borrows from Doctor Who

UPDATE: Turns out they were actually suits used by the RAF

A while back I was re-watching the Second Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) serial Wheel in Space. During the episode two astronauts show up and I right away recognized the costumes from Star Wars: A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.


The Costumes worn by the astronauts would a decade later be pulled back off the costume shelf and reused as the costumes for Boshek (A New Hope) and Bossk (Empire). Made for a cool little geek moment seeing that.