Everything Ends – Rants on the End


So I am going to start doing some random posts on related topics that don’t really warrant a podcast, or fit into the format… They well show up here on the website under the Everything Ends category.

Everything Ends was a blog column that I tried to get off the ground on another website at one point… hopefully it will have a much longer and livelier life here in The Last Hometown.


The Last Hometown – Comic Introduction

Clipboard01 (2)

The Last Hometown was not always a podcast. In fact the name originally came to me as the name of a short horror story I wrote in High School back in the 1980’s. It was about a man who was struggling to return home at the end of the world.
I have always been kind of focused on stories about people who are trying to get back somewhere… There is something about the struggle to make that journey…

I have a number of these stories in my head, and one afternoon when writing out various story ideas and notes it struck me that in a way they all seemed like they could take place in the same universe… and so The Last Hometown-verse was created…

Soon I plan to start telling that first tale and create my own little web-comic anthology of all these people in this little world of mine….

So keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time, I will also continue to work on the podcast, as well as try to post some kind of new content to the site on a daily basis…