Winter Funk

Winter has really been kicking me down this year…

I tend to get into a pretty bad funk during the cold months of the year and crawl inside a shell of depression.

This year for some reason that depression has been worse then normal…

In an attempt to fight that I am putting together a list of movies to have on for background noise in the house this week. Movies that have always been sources of inspiration and motivation to create to me.

So far on my list I have the following items:

Anyone have anything else that inspires them that I should add to the playlist?

Artist to Watch – Patrick Schoenmaker


A lot of the artist I follow I first found from their work on doing sketch cards for various trading card sets.

081106_rancor01_small081106_moseisley01_smallPatrick Schoenmaker is one of those artist. I am not really sure if I can explain what it is about his work that I like. There is just something about it that appeals to me. So seriously take a couple minutes and just go out there and check out what he does!