Artist to Watch – Michael Cho

ed_lisa_chodrfate_drstrange_blue_choNot going to write much about Michael Cho. I really dont know much about him at all. If I remember right I found his art via Michael May’s blog, and have been following his work ever since.

I love his use of single colors in his work. I really think that it gives a cool feel to his drawings. By using the one color, he makes it so that the lines of the picture are what grabs your eye first and not a vibrant stand out color of a picture.

More then anything,I love his none superhero art. His pictures of everyday people and normal settings. I think that he does a wonderful job of capturing a feeling of a person in his pictures. His drawings of locations give a feel of an old photograph. Kind of a nostalgic feeling of a place you haven’t seen in a long time when you look at them.backalley18_cho

Artist to Watch – Brent Schoonover


One of the big things I like in artists in the comic field is when they have an Old School feel to them. A respect for the greats that have come before them if you will. Brent Schoonover has that feel.

thespiritinkedI first became aware of Brent’s work when I was working at a LCS. Brent and Brandon Terrell (the writer) had sent around promotional material for their new comic Horrorwood to encourage the shops to carry the books on their shelves. I ended up adding their comic to my pull list and it ended up being one of those titles that I didn’t read until way after all the issues had come out. When I did finally sit down and read the story, I loved it. The story, a old pulp like thriller/mystery, and Brent’s art seemed to belong together. From that point on I was hooked.

Shortly after having read the series, I ended up sitting across the aisle from them at a local convention. At the con all the artist had been asked to do a piece of art to donate to a charity auction. Brent had done a picture of Will Eisner’s The Spirit, one of my favorite comic characters. At the auction the piece quickly went for well out side of my price range much to my disappointment. Really wanting a picture of the Spirit in Brent’s style I asked him if he would be willing to do a commission for me. Since the con was wrapping up, we agreed to do the transaction using the internet and the USPS. When I received the picture(shown on the left side of this page.) from Brent I was blown away. I had expected nothing more then a quick sketch and received a full page instead. He really went above and beyond on the piece for me.

Brent in my opinion is one of the greats.

dsc_0070Two more sketch covers done for me at a local con. Brent is easily one of my top ten favorite artist.

Artist to Watch – Evan Shaner


I first stumbled upon Evan Shaner on Deviant Art, where he goes by the screen name of DocShaner. A name that I thought truly fit the hardcore old school feel of his art.

The Screen name gave me this image of someone who had been around in the grand days of comics and pulps (and at the very least had a good appreciation of them!) so I was truly surprised to find out that the talent behind the elegant simplicity of the lines of these drawings is just a young pup in his early 20’s.

DocShaner puts more life and talent into his drawings then most artist I see out there today and he does it with out making them seem over done or crowded. His art is something that truly amazes me and I never get tired of looking at.

When I look at his work it invokes a feeling of nostalgia of reading my older step brothers Fantastic Four and Defenders comics when I was a kid.

Seriously, take it from me. If you have any appreciation for the true talent of the industry be it pulp or comic take some time and check out Doc’s blog and DA page!