Pop Culture League Challenge: First Quarter



First Quarter

What’s your earliest arcade or video game memory?

I remember the very moment that I discovered Video Games exsisted. It was a spring day in 1981. In the small town that I grew up in there was a small pub, Patties Pub, and they had the best burgers around. grilled with onions and cheese and served with the best fries I had ever had. Every so often my father would go get a sack of these burgers for us to have for dinner. This particular evening he did something a little different, he told me to put on my shoes and come with…

We got in the car, and drove downtown. As he was parking the car he told me. “They have something new here, I think you are really going to like this!”

Patties Pub was a long narrow pub. it was smushed into the space between the hardware store and the parking lot for the drug store. The bar ran down the left hand side with the grill right up by the front door so that you could not walk down the street without smelling the smells of the burgers.On the right hand side sat a hand full of tables and booths, and in the far back of the pub is where the pool tables and pinball machines sat.

This day when we walked in I immediately saw this monolith of beauty sitting there in all of its glory.

Space Invaders

Space-Invaders-Arcade-GameMy father walked me to the back of the pub, pulled a bar stool up to the machine and sat me down. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of quarters and gave them to me…  Gave me his sidewise smile and told me “have fun!”

I will never forget that afternoon of playing Space Invaders, as my father sat at the bar waiting for our food. The first quarter came and went pretty fast as I worked out what the game was all about, but the second lasted a little longer and the third even longer.

It is a great memory.

(you can play Space Invaders online here!)

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