Retro League of Extraordinary Bloggers – Show me some green!


Things that are green.


RETRO LEAGUE POST: I was not taking part in the league at the time this subject was originally covered. So I have deceided to slowly go back and cover all the previous topics in a series of Thursday Posts that I will be Calling Retro-League!



This weeks post was easy for me… I have an entire shelf that I have devoted to green toys. In fact I have so many green toys that they are not all on the shelf right now! Some of them have been banished to live in a box until I am able to build a bigger shelf.

My Green collection does not come to an end there though.

There is also my collection of Greedo and Gammorean Guard toys that could easily fit in on the green shelf,

and by far the most important part of my green collection… My Hulk Collection.






This is actually an old set of photos. A number of new Hulks have joined the group…. Need a new Family photo I guess.

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