Comics – Original Splash Page Marvel Team-Up #55 by John Byrne

Marvel Team-Up #55

55I know a lot of people like to get down on John Byrne these days, but he was one of the big artist for me growing up.

I also try to separate what an artist thinks and my feelings on their art. I believe they should be judged on their ability not politics.

Because seriously, if I didn’t follow any of the artist who I thought had insane political beliefs or I disagreed with… I would not be looking at many comics!

This is the original art from one of the very earliest comics I owned. Back then I was fascinated by the idea of all these mini people attacking Spidey, and was pretty let down when that did not carry on into the comic.

Marvel Team-Up55-01

Comics – Crater XV by Kevin Cannon

Crater XV (Hardcover)
Kevin Cannon, Artist and Writer

Published 2013

Top Shelf (496-page hardcover graphic novel, 5″ x 6.5″, black-and-white)

Hardcover 19.95 Digital 9.99 Limited Edition Signed and Numbered 29.95

Serialized Digitaly in Double Barrel $.99 an episode.


Crater XV picks up a year after the events of Far Arden.  Army Shanks once again finds himself drawn into an Arctic adventure by the RCAN (Royal Canadian Arctic Navy).

I have to be honest, the story in this book could be total trash and I would still give it a five rating. That is how much I love Kevin Cannon’s art work. Thankfully though that is not the case. The story of Crater XV is a great one. All too often one side or the other suffers when a creator tries to tell a adventure story with humor involved. Mr. Cannon has found the perfect blend of old serial adventure and humorus farce in his tale (and Far Arden before it!).  I truly hope that this is not our last adventure with Army Shanks.

Now onto the art. In a age of comics where everything is color and gloss it is refreshing to see someone talented enough to work in the realm of black and white. Not sense the end of Bone (Jeff Smith) have I seen someone such amazing use of the inked line alone.

Double Barrel

Kevin Cannon

Big Time Attic

Rating: 5/5


Comic – Michael Jantze’s Knocked Out Loaded Crowdfunding.


I don’t do crowd funding that often. I have had mostly bad experiences with them.

Projects that are ready to go into production suddenly taking a year to wrap up…

Projects that underestimate shipping so the skimp and mail poorly so product arrives damaged…

and other assorted issues.

Needless to say, I find myself hesitant to trust the people running them at this point.

If I do back one, it is because I have complete faith in the people running it.

Such is the case with Michael Jantze’s Knocked out Loaded.

The Norm was and is still even in its absence my favorite comic strip and Mr. Jantze is one of the nicest and most professional people in the industry that I have ever met.

I will be supporting this Campaign and looking forward to receiving my hard copy to see on the shelf next to all of my other Norm books!


DSC_3345A number of years ago I tabled at my first comic convention. At that convention was also a man by the name of Michael Jantze.

I was a major fan of Mr. Jantze’s comic The Norm and was very excited when I saw him there. At the convention he was taking pre-orders for his book The Norm in Color.

I of course wanted a copy so I took one of the pre-order forms and asked if he had a pen I could use to fill it out. Mr. Jantze handed me his 08 Micron pen and I proceded to place my order.

That night at home I realized that I had walked away with his pen. I thought that was pretty cool, but my wife, being a far more honest and noble person then I, asked “But what if that was his

all time favorite LUCKY pen? What if it had special meaning to him?”.

So I emailed him to see if it was special to him.

Turned out to him it was just a Micron 08 pen. Who would have though?

To me thought, it is something special… It is the pen I got from one my top five creators.

I ended up being uber-fanboyish and framed to hang above my work area…

That was my encounter with Michael Jantze.


Comics – Meeting Don Rosa

521416_364830380245985_440320274_nAnyone who knows me knows I am a major fan of Uncle Scrooge McDuck, well all cartoon and comic Ducks but Scrooge is my favorite. So a couple of years back when I got to table at a convention sitting right next to Don Rosa I was ecstatic.  Suffering from a major case of being star struck I did not manage to talk to him as much as I would have liked to, but I did manage to get our picture taken together! Couple years later when he came to the convention again I was able to get him to sign a copy of the photo for me!

TOMD – Mighty Muggs Thanos

logodsc_00131 Thanos Mighty Mugg
By Hasbro Toys

Hasbro created the Thanos Mighty Mugg as a comic shop exclusive available thru the Previews catalog from Diamond Distributers. Thanos was shipped along with another exclusive Mighty Mugg of the Red Skull.

I know a lot of people dont like the Mighty Muggs. They think that they are just trying to cash in on the vinyl toy craze, but man that is why I do like them! They are producing characters that I love at a price point that I can afford.

I have never been a really big fan of the Marvel Cosmic books. Until this past summer when I was so bored with everything else in comics at the moment that I decided to read The full Annihilation saga start to finish. I quickly found myself totally caught up in the story and really getting into the character of Thanos.

bigtSome of the Mighty Muggs do lack in production value, like say the Silver Surfer, but Thanos is not one of them. Hasbro did a good job of capturing the image of Thanos on to the Figure.