Movie – X-Men Tie-In commercial…

I really really liked X-Men : First Class. It is one of my favorite comic movies. Because of that I am really getting hyped to see the next one and this little mock-commercial from Trask Industries(The manufactures of the Sentinels) has just fed into that. Little marketing things like this are one of the great things of the internet!


Comics – Original Splash Page Marvel Team-Up #55 by John Byrne

Marvel Team-Up #55

55I know a lot of people like to get down on John Byrne these days, but he was one of the big artist for me growing up.

I also try to separate what an artist thinks and my feelings on their art. I believe they should be judged on their ability not politics.

Because seriously, if I didn’t follow any of the artist who I thought had insane political beliefs or I disagreed with… I would not be looking at many comics!

This is the original art from one of the very earliest comics I owned. Back then I was fascinated by the idea of all these mini people attacking Spidey, and was pretty let down when that did not carry on into the comic.

Marvel Team-Up55-01

Comics – Crater XV by Kevin Cannon

Crater XV (Hardcover)
Kevin Cannon, Artist and Writer

Published 2013

Top Shelf (496-page hardcover graphic novel, 5″ x 6.5″, black-and-white)

Hardcover 19.95 Digital 9.99 Limited Edition Signed and Numbered 29.95

Serialized Digitaly in Double Barrel $.99 an episode.


Crater XV picks up a year after the events of Far Arden.  Army Shanks once again finds himself drawn into an Arctic adventure by the RCAN (Royal Canadian Arctic Navy).

I have to be honest, the story in this book could be total trash and I would still give it a five rating. That is how much I love Kevin Cannon’s art work. Thankfully though that is not the case. The story of Crater XV is a great one. All too often one side or the other suffers when a creator tries to tell a adventure story with humor involved. Mr. Cannon has found the perfect blend of old serial adventure and humorus farce in his tale (and Far Arden before it!).  I truly hope that this is not our last adventure with Army Shanks.

Now onto the art. In a age of comics where everything is color and gloss it is refreshing to see someone talented enough to work in the realm of black and white. Not sense the end of Bone (Jeff Smith) have I seen someone such amazing use of the inked line alone.

Double Barrel

Kevin Cannon

Big Time Attic

Rating: 5/5