12 Covers that made a geek…

When I was young… A long time ago. I had a handful of comics. Some of them where bought for me by my father on his way home from work. Some of them my step brother gave to me when on home on leave from the army, and some of them where given to me as a gift when I was in the hospital getting my tonsils out…

Here they are:

12begin3Batman #190
Captain America #211
Defenders #100
Eternals #12
Hulk #224
Hulk #254
Hulk #270
Hulk #273
Marvel Team Up #55
Marvel Two in One #26
Star Wars #1
Star Wars #2

So what is this post about? My goal is to recreate all twelve of those covers along with 12 covers that are just big favorites of mine in a series of cartoonish drawings that are 5 x 7 that I will then use as art around my studio spaceā€¦ Here is the first sample:


TOMD – Devil Dinosaur and Moonboy

hmmu_040I have to start this series of posts off with a little Kirby love.

In 1978 Jack Kirby created a short lived comic series (It didn’t even make a full year, it died at issue Nine.) by the name of Devil-Dinosaur. It was about the adventures of a T-Rex ,Devil Dinosaur, and his pal Moon-Boy on their home of Dinosaur World.

While not exactlly the best kirby work there ever was it still holds alot of fond memories for us old geeks(all nine issues where collected into a one volume hardcover) .

The toy, a heroclix from the Mutations and Monsters set, is tiny piece toy wise but large in the heroclix scale. While the sculpt on the Moon-Boy side of the toy leaves a lot to be desired the Devil Dinosaur part is spot on. I think that the only way it could have been better is if they had applied a simple black wash to add some of the emphasis lines that were so much a part of Kirby’s style.

Devil-Dinosaur and Moon-Boy can be found sitting atop of my left speaker looking down upon my keyboard most days, assuming they havent been packed up for a night of geek gaming…

Just an after thought before I go, the picture above is taken off of the heroclix website, this is not going to be the norm. In future posts I will be doing my own pictures but this time I was still recovering from being sick so I was lazy.