Throw away characters

23In my favorite films there are always these tiny little characters in the background that I get interested in.

In the Star Wars Movies it has been characters like Bossk and Wedge Antillies.

In the Dawn of the Dead, one of my all time favorite movies, it was this guy here. he has just seconds of air time, but for some reason I want to know what happens to him…

This guy is what made me start dreaming up The Last Hometown…

League of Extraordinary Bloggers – “Where are they now?”

RETROleaguelogo_mediumThe 80′s and 90′s were filled with kids and teens in the movies. Which movie would you like to see a sequel made in 2012 with the original cast members, who have aged the same as you and me.

I love end of the world movies. Have since I first saw Dawn of the Dead and Where have all the People Gone? on an afternoon double feature back in the early 80’s (maybe even the late 70’s).

So is no real surprise my all time favorite Teen Movie from the 80’s was the 1984 Night of the Comet. There was a summer back then where it seemed like every time you turned on Showtime Night of the Comet was playing. Needless to say every time it played I watched it.

Night-of-the-Comet-Kelli-Maroney-Mac-10-5Night of the Comet was the story of a comet that returns to Earth for the first time since the age of Dinosaurs. Everyone is excited to see the comet and big parties are being held all over. Of course this is a movie so this can not end well. The morning after the comet, almost all people on earth have been turned into what looks like Cherry Kool-Aid Drink Mix. 

Two people who do survive are sisters Regina “Reggie” and Samantha “Sam” Belmont.

night-of-the-comet-new-280x367The movie is their story as the fight to survive. Along the way they pick up other survivors, A Truck Driver and a little boy and girl.  In their quest for survival they face off against mutated half survivors and evil scientist from a military bunker.

2014 would mark 30 years since the release of Night of the Comet and I would love more then to see them release a sequel to Night of the Comet to celebrate that 30th anniversary.

The movie could pick up the story of our five survivors and show how they have struggled to survive in the time since. Showing how they have teamed with others they have found to form a community only to find that they must now go head to head with another group of survivors who want to take over all they have built up.

I know the odds of ever seeing that happen are about the same as me winning the Lottery though so I am not holding my breath.

If you are in the mood for some pure camp fan though, I would highly recommend checking the film out!

Turns out the full movie is posted on Youtube, so you can do just that!

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