My Art – Jack Kirby Cover Recreation of Kamandi #1

If I had to pick a favorite comic series, it of course would be the Hulk. Coming in a close second though would be Jack Kirby’s end of the world comic Kamandi!

When I first started drawing again a number of years back one of the first things that I did was try my hand at recreating a Kirby cover from Kamandi.

Thought his Birthday would be a good day to re-post of that sketchcard image.


And 12 I just love!

And here are the 12 covers that are just big favorites of mine…

Here they are:

12favesHoward the Duck #12
Hulk #1
Fantastic Four #49
Fantastic Four #72
Kamandi #1
Star Wars #15
Uncanny X-Men #141
Uncanny X-Men #264
Uncanny X-Men #268
Uncanny X-Men #274
Uncanny X-Men #277
X-Factor #1