Movie/TV – Recycling: Star Wars borrows from Doctor Who

UPDATE: Turns out they were actually suits used by the RAF

A while back I was re-watching the Second Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) serial Wheel in Space. During the episode two astronauts show up and I right away recognized the costumes from Star Wars: A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.


The Costumes worn by the astronauts would a decade later be pulled back off the costume shelf and reused as the costumes for Boshek (A New Hope) and Bossk (Empire). Made for a cool little geek moment seeing that.


TOMD – Dalek

dalekWhat geeks desk could be complete without a Dalek sitting next to the computer. Of course the Desk would be even more complete if it had a Cyberman and Sontaran standing with the Dalek. Those will be added someday, when I have a job again or when I win the lottery.

The three of them (dalek,cyberman and sontaran) hold a special place for my geek heart. When I first found Dr. Who as a young geek it was watching the Tom Baker Episodes Genesis of the Daleks,Sontarran Experiment and Revenge of the Cybermen. As much as I love the current run of Dr. Who these episodes will always be the best in my mind. The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan taking on the galaxies worst to save the day.