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The theme this week  (like most weeks… 🙂 ) is very open.


I have a dream…

I love this shot of all three of my girls ThinkingMy core dream has already come true, even back in High School I dreamed of having a happy family with a couple kids… and I have that! I have a wonderful wife who I am about to celebrate being married to for ten years (and having been friends for almost 20!) and two gorgeous daughters. This photo is almost two years old so the two girls are much bigger now, but it is still one of my favorite photos of the three of them!

So I guess in fairness I should list my secondary dream.

As far back as first grade when I saw first saw Star Wars I remember wanting to tell a story of my own. Back then all that really entailed was retelling the movie the best I could in my first grader handwriting with new names for all the roles.


I have had tons of ideas over the years, have multiple notebooks and sketchbooks filled with ideas, outlines, and sketches… I have never been able to make something come together into one solid idea though. My greatest inspiration and influence in this quest to create the EPIC story are Stan Sakai and Jeff Smith. I would nothing more then to tell a story of such grand scale as Usagi Yojimbo or Bone.


I love the idea of Epic Chivalric romance stories. Where there is the hero going on a quest, his teacher… and so forth.

usagi yojimbo_0

So that is my dream… to write and illustrate and epic tale.

A story my children could read and enjoy.

Post Script: Quick little look at one of the ideas out of my idea book…

A lot of my early notes involve writing a Chivalric romance story that takes place in an Insane Asylum. This is a story that I would love to tell, because I was told I could not. In my 12th grade Literature class the teacher had a question on a test asking which setting a Chivalric romance tale could not be set in. He list a number of choices as well as “all of the above” and “none of the above”. I choose none, and got it wrong… I argued my case that you could meet all the standards of a Chivalric romance with the setting but he stood his ground and would not change his mind… I have always dreamed of doing that story and send good old Mr. G. off a copy of it.

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