Jon Acuff’s Empty Shelf Challenge

Was going to work on other stuff tonight and write this up and post tomorrow… But I feel like doing it now…

Jon Acuff has come up with a challenge to people who follow him on Instagram and his blog. Empty a shelf, and spend from now until December 31, 2014 filling it up.

Back when I first got out of High School I kept a reading log and tracked what I read every year… somewhere around 1996 I stopped doing this.

I think it would be fun to start doing it again. Back then I set daily minimum pages read, this time I think I am just going to read and see what happens.

The problem I do have with it though, is that a good 80% of what I read these days tends to be digital. So instead of an physical empty shelf I have created a empty shelf on my GoodReads page. Since Mr. Acuff says it is “stupid and fake” to wait until January 1st to start something I have already started to fill it with my reading from this past weekend.



UPDATE : I have decided that it might be fun to also keep a running page count broke down into since I tend to be OCD…

I am going to track total pages read, Prose Pages read, and Graphic Novel/Comic pages read… Just for giggles.