Artist to Watch – Evan Shaner


I first stumbled upon Evan Shaner on Deviant Art, where he goes by the screen name of DocShaner. A name that I thought truly fit the hardcore old school feel of his art.

The Screen name gave me this image of someone who had been around in the grand days of comics and pulps (and at the very least had a good appreciation of them!) so I was truly surprised to find out that the talent behind the elegant simplicity of the lines of these drawings is just a young pup in his early 20’s.

DocShaner puts more life and talent into his drawings then most artist I see out there today and he does it with out making them seem over done or crowded. His art is something that truly amazes me and I never get tired of looking at.

When I look at his work it invokes a feeling of nostalgia of reading my older step brothers Fantastic Four and Defenders comics when I was a kid.

Seriously, take it from me. If you have any appreciation for the true talent of the industry be it pulp or comic take some time and check out Doc’s blog and DA page!