Toys – Star Wars Black Series

I really dont collect much for toys anymore(not counting Hulk and Lego’s with Red), unless it is something I pick up on the cheap. So when Hasbro announced the Hyper-detailed Black line of large scale action figures I really had little intrest other then taking a peak at them on the shelf (Even more so when I found out they would have a SRP of $20.00).

Greedo will probably be the exception to that rule.

I have a soft spot for Greedo!

I would love to see the series stick around long enough to get a Bossk, but with that price point I just dont see a long life in the line.

More of the preview images can be found on The Dork Review (Where I originally found them!) or Entertainment Earth sites.

Star Wars Visual Guide

League of Extraordinary Bloggers – Who Are you… Who Who???

leaguelogo_mediumHello, my name is… Tell us a little about yourself — even if we all know who you are, there are plenty of new folks wondering if you’re in fact a dog.

Truth be told, I am not a Dog.

I am a goldfish.

(Falls over and dies from lack of water…)

Seriously though.

I am Charles. Stay-at-Home Dad, Husband,Draw-er of Things,Geek and All Around Cool Cat.

At times on the internet I have been known as CrashedNeon, Eboladuck, Crayduck, BobaDuck and now just CRPechonick.

I love this shot of all three of my girls ThinkingIn real life, I am the only male in a house of Females. That does not bother me though. Because my Wife and Children (Internet Codenamed: Wife, Red and Gold) are wonderful. I have been a stay at home father since a little after the oldest, Red, was born. Making the choice to stay at home with the kids is one of the few smart choices I have made in my life.

Being a stay at home Dad has had a side effect though. My Oldest has turned into a bit of a Tom-Boy Geek because of it. (see picture later in post) she would much rather watch Super-Hero Cartoons and goto Comic Conventions then any of your stero-typical girl stuff. Lucky for me though Goldie has turned out to be a girly girl there by redeeming me with my wife. 🙂

I am someone who is rushing through his 40’s at an alarming pace and trying to stay a kid.

I do this by drawing cartoons reading comics and being an over all geek.

I have way to many projects in development. I have enough outlined and plotted ideas to last a lifetime but very few finished pages.

My goal is to some day make some of these ideas into a comic of my own…

I am a collector.

No real central focus like some people have, but anything that catches my eye.

I do have a series of Mini-Collections, Small obsessions with certain characters or themes that have ended up in them having little displays of their own.

Some of those include Famous Cartoon Ducks, Hulk, Lego Mini-Figures, Boba Fett, Greedo, Gammorean Guards, Bossk and Green Toys.

So That is all I feel like writting right now… The house is a DISASTER and I really should be cleaning… Maybe I will return and expand on this more later… No Promises though.

Mini-Figure Collection
The Infamous Green Shelf. This collection has grown much bigger during Garage Sale season.
The Infamous Green Shelf. This collection has grown much bigger during Garage Sale season.
Greedo, Kamandi and Some Hulks.
Greedo, Kamandi and Some Hulks.
More of my Hulks.
More of my Hulks.
Bossk, Fett, Some Gammorean Guards and Hulks
Bossk, Fett, Some Gammorean Guards and Hulks

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Geek-Daughter at Local Comic Con with me Spring 2013.


Retro League of Extraordinary Bloggers – Show me some green!


Things that are green.


RETRO LEAGUE POST: I was not taking part in the league at the time this subject was originally covered. So I have deceided to slowly go back and cover all the previous topics in a series of Thursday Posts that I will be Calling Retro-League!



This weeks post was easy for me… I have an entire shelf that I have devoted to green toys. In fact I have so many green toys that they are not all on the shelf right now! Some of them have been banished to live in a box until I am able to build a bigger shelf.

My Green collection does not come to an end there though.

There is also my collection of Greedo and Gammorean Guard toys that could easily fit in on the green shelf,

and by far the most important part of my green collection… My Hulk Collection.






This is actually an old set of photos. A number of new Hulks have joined the group…. Need a new Family photo I guess.

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