TOMD – Howard the Duck

marvel_legends_logodsc_0022Howard the Duck…

I know I could probably get in trouble for saying this, But I really liked the Howard the Duck movie. Which makes me one of maybe ten people who admit that… altough in secret I think that the number is much higher.

91eb_1I was also a big fan of the Steve Gerber comic as well. Howard was just plain cool, and well come on… He is a DUCK. So I thought it was really cool that they where releasing him as a figure in the Marvel Legends line. The problem was that he was going to be a pack in with the Silver Surfer and I just couldnt bring myself to pay that much for another Silver Surfer figure at Marvel Legends prices.

A while later a friend, Bills, who had bought one was getting ready to get rid of some stuff at a con and Howard was one of the items. So he was nice enough to let Howard come and live on my desk…

And 12 I just love!

And here are the 12 covers that are just big favorites of mine…

Here they are:

12favesHoward the Duck #12
Hulk #1
Fantastic Four #49
Fantastic Four #72
Kamandi #1
Star Wars #15
Uncanny X-Men #141
Uncanny X-Men #264
Uncanny X-Men #268
Uncanny X-Men #274
Uncanny X-Men #277
X-Factor #1