Garage Sale Finds


I have been doing a fair share of Garage sale shopping this summer. This past week was by far the best of the summer though. At one sale I bought a box of Random Star Wars toys for real cheap. I am not one who really buys Star Wars stuff anymore… Unless it is a Gamorrean Guard, Greedo or Bossk. The thing is I have wanted one of the Large Scale Tanative IV Rebel Blockade Runners since I first saw it at the comic shop I worked at for a price I just could not afford to pay. So when I saw a complete one sitting in this box of toys I had to have it. I already have a home planned out for it hanging from the ceiling in my sons room….



The other two things I picked up was a big bag of Pokemon figures. I know nothing about Pokemon… but I like the look of the monsters, so I thought it would be fun to have sitting on my monster shelf… of course that didnt last long. Everytime I turn around they have be confiscated by my youngest daughter… so that makes them a good purchase right there…. and the last lot was Spider-Man and Friend figures. I bought the box for the Hulk to add him to the other 101 Hulks in my collection… But I like the idea of having kid friendly Marvel Toys for my son as he gets a little older. There were a lot of Spider-Men in the box obviously… I already have plans to customize a couple of them one is going to be Daredevil for sure, another Iron Fist… Still playing around with ideas for some of the others…


Fall of the Mutants – Day 3&4 : Gambit and Wolverine

Finally feeling better and getting caught up. So you get two Mutants today. I will try to stay on track the rest of the month…

Gambit I first started reading the X-Men right before the X-Tinction Agenda (#264 is where I started buying it monthly.) I was one of the fanboys who thought that Gambit was awesome when he first showed up in the comics. Still do. He would be in my top five X-Men I think.

WolverineWolverine on the other hand… I never really cared for back then. He has grown on me some, but I still think he is over used and not the best character out there…