TOMD – Mighty Muggs Thanos

logodsc_00131 Thanos Mighty Mugg
By Hasbro Toys

Hasbro created the Thanos Mighty Mugg as a comic shop exclusive available thru the Previews catalog from Diamond Distributers. Thanos was shipped along with another exclusive Mighty Mugg of the Red Skull.

I know a lot of people dont like the Mighty Muggs. They think that they are just trying to cash in on the vinyl toy craze, but man that is why I do like them! They are producing characters that I love at a price point that I can afford.

I have never been a really big fan of the Marvel Cosmic books. Until this past summer when I was so bored with everything else in comics at the moment that I decided to read The full Annihilation saga start to finish. I quickly found myself totally caught up in the story and really getting into the character of Thanos.

bigtSome of the Mighty Muggs do lack in production value, like say the Silver Surfer, but Thanos is not one of them. Hasbro did a good job of capturing the image of Thanos on to the Figure.