Pop Culture League Challenge: Buying Blind


Buying Blind

Who doesn’t love gambling on a blind box or mystery package?

This weeks topic fell in perfect with a rant I was about to post. This past weekend I found some Funko Horror Mystery Mini’s and seriously thought about picking them up… Then I looked at the back of one of the individual boxes.


There was a point where you could buy a case of Mini’s and be able to get the full base set (Variants and Exclusives are another matter…) but with this series only a total of 6 of the mini’s are of a ratio that would mean you should get one in everycase… I dont know why, but this was the breaking point for me. I like the Minis… but I think I am done. I think I will be sticking to cheaper items in blind bags that my kids and I can feel and try to figure out what they are before buying… we have more fun doing that anyway.


(Actually I think I know why this pushed me over the edge… in was the 2nd Sci-Fi series… while trying to get a full set of that series I ended up pulling a grand total of 9 of the stupid Bender figures… Dont want to deal with that again.)

EDIT: It has been pointed out to me that a lot of the Mini sets are like this… I guess I have just been lucky in that the majority of the ones I have wanted to collect so far have been sets where all but the exclusive and variants are 1/12 so that when I buy a case I get the full set…


Fellow Poppers…

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