Toys – Funny Face Drinks

For the record I have all of these pillows except

I am out of town this week. As this posts I am at my daughters Summer Camp working as a counselor for a week. Because of this, I will not be picking up or reading any of the new comics on Wednesday. Instead I give you a little nostalgia post.

Starting in 1964 and continuing on into the 1970’s Pilsbury made a Kool-Aid like powdered drink mix known as Funny Face Drinks. Where Kool-Aid had just the Kool-Aid Man, Funny Face had a character for each flavor.

I also have a full set of the Funny Face MugsThe Funny Face cast was made up of Choo-Choo Cherry, Goofy,Grape,Jolly Olly Orange,Loud Mouth Lime,Freckle Face Strawberry,Loud Mouth Punch,With It Watermelon (I always thought it was Way Out Watermelon and Lefty Lemon.

There was a number of promotional send aways for Funny Face Drinks One of which being Funny Face Drink Cups (Their was also a Drink Picture based on Goofy Grape!)

I have a couple of the pillows packed away in my basement, and I use the Drink Cups to hold my prismacolor markers on my desk.




The Names of Jolly Olly Orange and Choo Choo Cherry actually started out as Chinese Cherry and Injun Orange. They were later changed to do away with the racially insensitive names. Below is one of the commercials with the original names.


One last thought on Funny Face With It Watermelon before I wrap it up… Does anyone else see a resemblance to Peter Griffin from Family Guy in this character???

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