The Last Hometown – Original Working Script.

Just for fun… Thought I would post the script that I had put together for the first episode of the podcast… Not how it ended up put together in the end. Made changes in editing when I found that things flowed better in another order… but still a fun little look.


It is 1972. This year saw the execution of 11 Israeli atheletes at the Olympics. The Supreme Court ruling against the Death Penalty. President Nixon was about to get caught up in the Watergate Scandal as five men were arrested for breaking into the DNC headquarters. MASH and The Price is Right premiered on TV and pay Cable was born with the launch of HBO and as the year limped to a close a movie about a little boat with a problem made its way to the big screen!

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Upcoming Episodes

I have three new episodes recorded, edited, and ready to go just as soon as I figure out what I am going to be doing with some hosting issues…

In the near future the following episodes will make the way out in to the podcasting world.

S01E02 – Where Have All The People Gone?

S01E03 – FIRE! (1901 Silent Movie, possibly the first disaster movie…)

S01E04 – Disaster Audio Drama Podcasts