The Last Hometown – S01E02 – Where Have All The People Gone?


Here we go… Just uploaded Episode Two. That was actually Episode One. This time around we talk about the Classic NBC Made for TV movie, WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE starring Minnesota’s own Peter Graves.


This is a cheesy little film from the early 1970’s that just happens to be the first end of the world movie that I ever saw.  While I am glad that I choose to make the best out of what I had recorded and turned it into an episode, I do plan to return to this movie and give it the episode it deserves in the future when I get a better feel for how to make these things!!!


The Last Hometown – Server/hosting change

Spending the morning working on getting my set-up migrated over to LibSyn for hosting. Almost all done with it. The next Episode S01E02 – Where Have All The People Gone? will drop on Monday February 26th 2018! After that there will be a new episode every other Monday from here on out.


Upcoming Episodes

I have three new episodes recorded, edited, and ready to go just as soon as I figure out what I am going to be doing with some hosting issues…

In the near future the following episodes will make the way out in to the podcasting world.

S01E02 – Where Have All The People Gone?

S01E03 – FIRE! (1901 Silent Movie, possibly the first disaster movie…)

S01E04 – Disaster Audio Drama Podcasts