My Art – Sketch Cards

I forgot to grab the camera out of the bedroom before the wife went to sleep… So tonight instead of a picture of the Cyclops drawing I just did you get some older drawings of mine that I have saved on the Hard Drive…

To maintain the Mutant trend we will start with a couple of Mutant Sketch Cards.

Uhura from Star Trek TOS
Uhura from Star Trek TOS
My favorite scene in all of the Star Wars Movies.
My favorite scene in all of the Star Wars Movies.
Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters
creature from the black lagoon
creature from the black lagoon
jason 13
Pop Culture Hockey Mask Crew.
Young Galactus in Love.
Break Time.
Break Time.
Sontaran Experiment
Sontaran Experiment


My Art – Defenders Sketch Cards

m-defenders-100 I had comics as a kid… Actually working on a post about the origanal stack that I got from my father, but that one is for another time.

The Comic that really hooked me and made me into a collector though was Defenders #100.

One of the times my older Step-Brother shipped out overseas in the Army he left behind a bunch of his comics for me. Most of them disappeared over the years. Defenders 100 somehow managed to stick around. One summer after before my Junior year of High School I came across it sitting on a shelf in our basement…

I ended up sitting down and reading it, that was it I was hooked. Shortly after I tracked down some local comic shops and was digging in the bins searching for more issues of The Defenders!

The Defenders was the first comic that I managed to collect the full run of. Love that book plain and simple. It was a classic. They have tried to reboot it a number of times since then, but none live up to the original.

Anyway… A number of years ago (2010) I did a set of sketch cards of the Core members that showed up in the book. I think The Iceman and Silver Surfer card came off pretty poor, but I really dug how the rest turned out.



Starting from the top Row Left to Right:



Doctor Strange,Devil Slayer,Namordefenders_sketch_cards_pt2_by_crpechonick-d3evxyyStarting from the top Row Left to Right:

Red Guardian, Power Man, Silver Surfer

Angel, Clea, Hawkeye

Beast, IceMan, MoonDragon

Artist to Watch – Patrick Schoenmaker


A lot of the artist I follow I first found from their work on doing sketch cards for various trading card sets.

081106_rancor01_small081106_moseisley01_smallPatrick Schoenmaker is one of those artist. I am not really sure if I can explain what it is about his work that I like. There is just something about it that appeals to me. So seriously take a couple minutes and just go out there and check out what he does!

Artist to Watch – Katie Cook


Back when I was working on creating a story titled Abbie and the Monsters I did a whole bunch of web searches to make sure I wasnt using a name that already exsisted somewhere else. when I was doing that I came across The Mosters Republic of Monstairia. a webcomic by Brodie H. Brockie with art done by Katie Cook. That was my discovery of the genius that is Katie Cook.


Katie is best described (in my opinion as well as half of the internet I would think.) as the queen of cute. Her talent doesnt end with cute though.


Katie is one of those talented people who seem to have a perfect eye for layout. Her pages look wonderful As seen in Myspace Dark Horse Presents #4 “Tricks of the Trade” and her issues of the online Star Wars comic.) and her sketch cards are amazing. This ability at layout makes her one of the greats at sketch cards. Where some artist well create a multi-card set to be put into packs that will leave someone with a card of a shoulder or something equally lame or stupid Katie makes everysingle card something a collector would love to have.

My favorite all time piece of Katie art though, has to be the drawing she did for me of my family as Hobbits!

101 robots…

Thanks to everyone who has helped out with this! The list has now reached 137! 36 more then I need so I can pick and choose. I didnt take some suggestions, for the most part if it was a vehicles with a computer I wont be using it… In otherwords goodbye to KITT, HAL, and Rickety Rocket.

I also dont think that I will be using any “human” based robots. These robots need to be easily ID’ed as a robot even if you are not familliar with the source material.

so here it is… the latest updated version.

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