Making a Geek – Space 1999


One of the first real big influences on me was the Gerry Anderson ITC television series Space : 1999. Where I was living it would come on after the late news on one of the local stations. My mother, when we were very good, would let us stay up late to wait for our father to come home (he was working the evening shift) and watch Space : 1999.

I loved Space : 1999. I mean what kid wouldn’t it was SPACE! I always got excited when they would have episodes that involved them having to fly in the Eagles. One of my favorite toys when I was a child was my Space : 1999 Eagle that I got for Christmas. Every once in awhile I will look them up on Ebay and occasionally even bid on them, but never with a high enough bid to actually win one of them.


The idea of having an adventure flying off in the Eagle cockpit with Commander John Koenig and Doctor Helena Russell was always in my mind when I was playing. I couldn’t stop thinking how cool it would be to be up there in that space ship zipping around…


Even now, with how 70’s retro the costumes look, I love the look of the Moon Base Alpha uniforms. They all had that uniform look with the color coding that actually represented their job and responsibility (I mean look at Star Trek, the only thing the color ever really ID’d in that show is if you were going to die.)


Space : 1999 is and always will be the show that I will always think of as the start of my geekdom. I always think, when I am geeking out and thinking about such things, that if I ever got good at making comics and could reimagine someone else’s product that Space : 1999 would be it.