Pop Culture League – Gold Medal Winner

PopCultureLeague-Logo-BigIf _____ was an Olympic sport, I’d have a gold medal around my neck.


 I really have no idea to go with this one and keep it on the path of “Pop Culture”

If clutter on the desk was an Olympic Sport…

If Unfinished Projects was an Olympic Sport…

If Binge Watching Netflix was an Olympic Sport…

When it comes down to it, I am not overly obsessive about much of anything… I have little micro-collections on themes, but no major awe inspiring collections…

IMG_20160822_191706584-1024x576I have my Bossk’s (I also have one of Gamorrean Guards, but it is packed away right now…)

IMG_20160822_191659603_HDR-1024x576I have my Raph collection…

and of course I have my Hulks…

I have a lot of Hulks, but mostly they are things I picked up off clearence racks or Garage Sales. I have never really slapped down the big bills like the Gold Medal collectors do…

So when you get right down to it, it is far more likely that I would be sent home with a participation ribbon over a gold medal… but I am fine with that… I like my little collections.

TOMD – The Beast

DSC_0004-262x300The Beast has always been one of my favorite Mutants. I first was introduced to the charecter in the Defenders, where he first showed up in issue #104 and continued with the team until the end of the series. From that point The Beast continued to influence my comic reading. I followed him into what ever comics he appeared in. From the forming of X-Factor and into crossovers with the Uncanny X-Men.

The Beast is sitting on my desk in two different versions. The Large version comes from a toy line from a few years back called Spiderman and Friends. The line started up at about the same time as the Marvel Superhero Squad and survived for a number of waves but ultimatly lost out to the smaller cheaper line.

DSC_0005-300x265The Second Beast that is on my desk comes from the Marvel Superhero Squad line. The Beast has appeared many times in this toyline, but sadly this is the only version in my desk clutter so far. I have a couple other Beast toys in my work area in the basement, but not enough in my opinion.
While I was writing this, I did an ebay search to track down the name of the toyline that the Large Beast came from. While doing this I found out just how many other cool Beast toys are out there, and all I can say is that I am really lucky that I am broke right now. Otherwise there would be one heck of a Beast buying frenzy…

That reminds me, I should check my ticket and see if I won the lottery.

Garage Sale Finds


I have been doing a fair share of Garage sale shopping this summer. This past week was by far the best of the summer though. At one sale I bought a box of Random Star Wars toys for real cheap. I am not one who really buys Star Wars stuff anymore… Unless it is a Gamorrean Guard, Greedo or Bossk. The thing is I have wanted one of the Large Scale Tanative IV Rebel Blockade Runners since I first saw it at the comic shop I worked at for a price I just could not afford to pay. So when I saw a complete one sitting in this box of toys I had to have it. I already have a home planned out for it hanging from the ceiling in my sons room….



The other two things I picked up was a big bag of Pokemon figures. I know nothing about Pokemon… but I like the look of the monsters, so I thought it would be fun to have sitting on my monster shelf… of course that didnt last long. Everytime I turn around they have be confiscated by my youngest daughter… so that makes them a good purchase right there…. and the last lot was Spider-Man and Friend figures. I bought the box for the Hulk to add him to the other 101 Hulks in my collection… But I like the idea of having kid friendly Marvel Toys for my son as he gets a little older. There were a lot of Spider-Men in the box obviously… I already have plans to customize a couple of them one is going to be Daredevil for sure, another Iron Fist… Still playing around with ideas for some of the others…


Top Ten Childhood Toys

I stumbled across a blog awhile ago that listed their top ten toys they had as a kid growing up.

Made me want to do my own version of that list… Because I love lists.

10. Star Wars Landspeeder
10. Star Wars Landspeeder
9. Fisher-Price Sesame Street Playset
9. Fisher-Price Sesame Street Playset


7. Star Wars Han Solo Blaster
7. Star Wars Han Solo Blaster
6. Space : 1999 Eagle Playset
6. Space : 1999 Eagle Playset
5. Fisher-Price Adventure People DareDevil Sports Van
5. Fisher-Price Adventure People DareDevil Sports Van
I received the DareDevil Sports Van for my 10th birthday along with a Red bike with a big old bannana seat on it. I always thought it was cruel to have a birthday in September, because most of the times you would get your presents and then have to go to bed shortly after and have to go to school the next morning. That was the case with this set… I remember my dad busting me trying to sneak the motorcycle into my pocket to take to class…
4. Crayons
4. Crayons
Mego Star Trek Enterprise Bridge and Crew I had all of the crew, but only a Klingon from the aliens.
Mego Star Trek Enterprise Bridge and Crew I had all of the crew, but only a Klingon from the aliens.
2. Star Wars Death Star
2. Star Wars Death Star
1. The Flashlight Not only was a flashlight an awesome toy for playing in the dark... but after Star Wars came out it instantly became a lightsaber just by swinging it back and forth making woooosh! noises.
1. The Flashlight Not only was a flashlight an awesome toy for playing in the dark… but after Star Wars came out it instantly became a lightsaber just by swinging it back and forth making woooosh! noises.



Toys – Funny Face Drinks

For the record I have all of these pillows except

I am out of town this week. As this posts I am at my daughters Summer Camp working as a counselor for a week. Because of this, I will not be picking up or reading any of the new comics on Wednesday. Instead I give you a little nostalgia post.

Starting in 1964 and continuing on into the 1970’s Pilsbury made a Kool-Aid like powdered drink mix known as Funny Face Drinks. Where Kool-Aid had just the Kool-Aid Man, Funny Face had a character for each flavor.

I also have a full set of the Funny Face MugsThe Funny Face cast was made up of Choo-Choo Cherry, Goofy,Grape,Jolly Olly Orange,Loud Mouth Lime,Freckle Face Strawberry,Loud Mouth Punch,With It Watermelon (I always thought it was Way Out Watermelon and Lefty Lemon.

There was a number of promotional send aways for Funny Face Drinks One of which being Funny Face Drink Cups (Their was also a Drink Picture based on Goofy Grape!)

I have a couple of the pillows packed away in my basement, and I use the Drink Cups to hold my prismacolor markers on my desk.




The Names of Jolly Olly Orange and Choo Choo Cherry actually started out as Chinese Cherry and Injun Orange. They were later changed to do away with the racially insensitive names. Below is one of the commercials with the original names.


One last thought on Funny Face With It Watermelon before I wrap it up… Does anyone else see a resemblance to Peter Griffin from Family Guy in this character???

$T2eC16d,!)sE9swm,vw)BQWJy4nDl!~~60_12    peter

Toys – Space 1999

invmcatjcpenny1976A little nostalgia…

One Christmas as a child I received the Space:1999 Eagle and MoonBase Alpha playset.

I was a little let down in the MB Alpha playset since I did not have any of the figures to go with it… But I loved the Eagle!

I played with that thing for hours on end! Then when the Star Wars figures started coming out it became even cooler!

My Red Snaggletooth and Jawa would fly that puppy around the house having grand adventures with an assortment of playmobil friends.


The Mattel Space 1999 is one of my top ten Holy Grail purchases after I win the lottery!