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I have become very lazy as of late when it comes to my website… Time to try to change that.

This weeks topic is:

What’s on your Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, DVD, movie, TV watch list?

There is no way I can cover everything I have on my watch list between all the places… that is just too many items… probably more then I will ever actually get thru! I will just cover the top ones that I am working my way thru right now…


The top item on our watchlist right now, is this strange little TV show that my wife discovered called Fringe. We had watched the first season and the start of the second when they first aired, but fell behind when our second child was born. We had really enjoyed what we had seen, but do to the nature of the show we gave up shortly after falling behind and missing episodes. Recently I realized they had the entire series both on Amazon Prime and Netflix so we have started to make our way thru the series.


Fringe has also helped remind me of my love of the X-Files. So I have started watching an episode a day of the Adventures of Mulder and Scully.



Godzilla-9-300x226Pacific Rim re-awoke a childhood love of Kaiju movies. I have been watching as many as possible of them on Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime. Godzilla, Gamera, Rodan, Daimajin, etc. I have started writing a series of posts on the Godzilla movies. I hope to start posting some of them soon!


Having finished watching the entire run of Foyle’s War and Inspector Lewis earlier this fall, I have also gone back and started watching Inspector Morse on Netflix. I love mysteries in general, but British ones even more so. They, unlike the american shows, very rarely feel the need to show the gore. They just concentrate on the mystery.


And speaking of Mysteries there is also Mrs. Fishers Murder Mysteries. another one I am slowly working thru the season of.


And finally. On the watchlist for tonight with the family and probably again Christmas Eve is my all time favorite Christmas movie… White Christmas.

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