My Art – Sketch Cards

I forgot to grab the camera out of the bedroom before the wife went to sleep… So tonight instead of a picture of the Cyclops drawing I just did you get some older drawings of mine that I have saved on the Hard Drive…

To maintain the Mutant trend we will start with a couple of Mutant Sketch Cards.

Uhura from Star Trek TOS
Uhura from Star Trek TOS
My favorite scene in all of the Star Wars Movies.
My favorite scene in all of the Star Wars Movies.
Bounty Hunters
Bounty Hunters
creature from the black lagoon
creature from the black lagoon
jason 13
Pop Culture Hockey Mask Crew.
Young Galactus in Love.
Break Time.
Break Time.
Sontaran Experiment
Sontaran Experiment


Fall of the Mutants – Day 3&4 : Gambit and Wolverine

Finally feeling better and getting caught up. So you get two Mutants today. I will try to stay on track the rest of the month…

Gambit I first started reading the X-Men right before the X-Tinction Agenda (#264 is where I started buying it monthly.) I was one of the fanboys who thought that Gambit was awesome when he first showed up in the comics. Still do. He would be in my top five X-Men I think.

WolverineWolverine on the other hand… I never really cared for back then. He has grown on me some, but I still think he is over used and not the best character out there…

My Art – Jim Lee’s X-Men #1 Cover

So lets start the month of the X-Men out this way…


This has always been one of my favorite comic covers.

4 piece sketch card set I did for fun on a plane trip to keep my mind off the fact that I was in the air…

recreation of the Jim Lee gate-fold cover of X-MEN #1

I will admit when this comic came out I was at the top of my Fanboyness and I bought all five covers! (Three of the gate-fold version)


Comics – Favorite Stories

Recently on Facebook a friend of mine posted that his son had asked what his top ten favorite comic book stories where. When I saw the post my brain automatically kicked in and I had to make a list of my own!

The Rule I made was I had to list the first ten storylines that I could remember really liking. Logic being that the ones I thought of first would be the ones that I had liked the most…

xtinctionXMEN BOOKS – Xtinction Agenda

This was the first major cross-over storyline I read and collected in a comic. I had been collecting old issues for a while but had just started picking up X-FACTOR after finding out that it was spun out of the last issue of New Defenders. Really dug the story. It was the underdogs and against the evil in a expanded story (Nine issues total, three each from New Mutants,X-Factor and Uncanny X-Men). It was a good story with a strong start and end. Something that is missing in the crossovers of today where the story idea is forced into every title from the publisher no matter if it works or not.
Batman Eartquake in Gotham storyline– Cataclysm, Aftershock, No Man’s Land

I always love disaster movies… so how could I not love disaster comics? I loved this era of Batman comics, but thought it sadly took a dive right after and was many years before it came back…
uy8_lgWolverine : Old Man Logan

End of the world story… What more needs to be said?
DC: New Frontier

Darwyn Cooke.
Annihilation and Annihilation : Conquest

DNA make the Marvel Cosmic books cool.
Batman: Contagion

A Batman Virus story. I love reading about virology. I love virus stories…


Jeff Smiths epic tale.  I love Epic Tales and this is one that ranks with the best.
Kingdom Come

I have to admit this one makes the list mainly for the art.

Usagi Yojimbo – GrassCutter

It was hard picking just one Usagi Story. While they are all epic, this one makes the top as one of my favorites.

Mage – Hero Discovered/Defined

Seems most of the stories that made my list are Epic Tales. Mage, a retelling of the Arthur myth is another one. Parts one and two of a trilogy , I like many Matt Wagner fans await the final volume of this tale.
Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck

One of the best epic stories ever told. Detailing the life of Scrooge McDuck this tale combines Don Rosa’s Masterful art with his ability to tale wonderful and funny tales.